INNORNA raises hundreds of millions RMB in Series A funding

Shenzhen, July 28, 2021- InnoRNA (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “INNORNA”) officially announced that it has raised hundreds of millions RMB in Series A funding in the first quarter of the year, leading in funding size among competitors in the same track and same series.


CPE Yuanfeng was the lead investor and Legend Capital was the co-investor. Current shareholders Zhifei Bio, Dynamic Balance Capital, Zhongke Chuangxing, and Qianhai Fund of Funds continued additional investment. Proceeds from the funding will be used for the construction of the R&D center and pilot plant, as well as R&D of infectious disease vaccines, rare diseases and others in the pipeline.


Cao Xia, Executive General Manager of CPE Yuanfeng, a new shareholder in this series, said, “mRNA technology, one of the top ten breakthrough technologies in the world in 2021, has come out to the stage of history with the covid-19. It starts with vaccination but goes way beyond that. It is the model of the third revolution of medicine, and also shows huge potential in other areas such as tumor immunity, protein therapy, etc. Few teams in the world mastered LNP delivery technology and applied it to mRNA medicine. Dr. Li Linxian, the founder of INNORNA, is a leading scientist in the field worldwide who masters the underlying technology of core lipid design, the core technology of key steps such as mRNA synthesis, preparation, etc. He remains modest, so he can be great. It is our honor to cooperate with such an excellent and professional team and become an important shareholder, helping the development of the Chinese mRNA technology platform company representing Made-in-China direction.”


Hong Tan, Managing Director of Legend Capital, said, “In the past five years, nucleic acid drugs under the ‘Central Dogma’ framework have experienced great development. The mechanism of action of these drugs is clear, but how to deliver them efficiently and safely is the biggest difficulty. Dr. Li Linxian, the founder of INNORNA, has over 10 years of research and development experience in the field of Nucleic Drug Delivery System (NDDS). He has a systematic and comprehensive accumulation in nucleic acid biology, mRNA modification, phospholipid synthesis, formulation, etc. Dr. Li now has transformed from a scientist to a scientific entrepreneur, leading the team to accumulate knowledge and technology patiently and implement strategies efficiently, as well as integrate resources from many parties to quickly advance the project. We are optimistic about INNORNA’s deep comprehension of mRNA and delivery systems and the team’s rapid iteration and execution.”



Established in November 2019, INNORNA focuses on the research and development of mRNA and delivery vectors technologies. It has industry-leading mRNA and nano-delivery technology platform with independent intellectual property rights.


About CPE

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About Legend Capital

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